Campaign Asks

The RenewJax Campaign is an effort to get the City of Jacksonville (COJ) to commit to fully operate on renewable energy before 2050. To achieve this end, the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) needs to accelerate its conversion to renewable energy while reducing its dependence on fossil fuels for energy generation. Given that renewable energy sources comprise a miniscule portion of JEA’s energy generation portfolio, its commitment to renewable energy should be bold and substantial. This commitment should be clearly delineated in its next Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). This will demonstrate to city leaders the conversion to renewable energy is feasible, cost-effective, and can be achieved before 2050. This will allow city leaders to confidently pass resolutions committing the city to operate on renewable energy before 2050. Thus, the two primary focuses of the Renew Jax Campaign are:

  • JEA’s 2023 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)
  • COJ City Council Resolutions committing the city to renewable energy

Campaign Asks: JEA

Renewable energy comprised 1% of the JEA energy portfolio in 2018, 2019, and 2020. To greatly decrease JEA’s carbon footprint and reduce its contribution to global warming it needs to:

  • Accelerate conversion to renewable energy sources
  • Commit to 100% renewable energy sources by 2050

Campaign Sub-Asks: JEA

For JEA to convert its energy generation portfolio to renewable energy sources, it needs to:

  • Decommission Northside Generating Station by 2030
  • Stop purchasing energy from Plant Vogtle by 2040

Campaign Asks: City of Jacksonville

If JEA demonstrates it can achieve a renewable energy generation portfolio by 2050, the Jacksonville City Council should pass resolutions committing the city to:

  • use renewable energy for all municipal operations by 2035
  • use renewable energy for entire community by 2050