Jacksonville: A City in Denial

Jacksonville is making efforts to increase its resilience to extreme weather events, but is doing nothing to address global warming, the driver of such weather events. Denial of this reality threatens to degrade the quality of life throughout the region.

The Dirty Truth About Utilities Climate Pledges – Version 2

The Sierra Club performed a comprehensive analysis of the long-term plans of utilities across the nation to assess their commitment to transition from dependence on fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The 2022 version of this report was recently released and reveals JEA received a D grade. Read the report for more information.

An ADAPT Q&A with Jay Stowe, CEO of JEA

By Brendan Rivers

As we prepare for the impacts of Hurricane Ian this week, our public utility, JEA, says it’s ready for the storm despite supply chain challenges. Beyond hurricane season, here’s what else JEA CEO Jay Stowe is planning.

A Place in the Sun

By Rain Henderson

In this FolioWeekly article describes aspect of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the implications for Jacksonville. It illustrates the many opportunities the act provides and the need for the city to make strategic moves to capitalize on the many financial benefits it affords.