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Twelve mid to large size Florida cities, and one county have committed to power all of their municipal operations, businesses, and homes with renewable energy on or before 2050. For some of those cities their commitments were enabled by their municipal utilities committing to a strategic, brisk conversion from high carbon emitting fuels to renewable energy for power generation. Jacksonville is not one of these cities and the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) commitment to renewable energy is limited. Given the accelerating pace of global warming and the extreme conditions it is creating, it is time for Jacksonville to reduce its contribution to global warming. Changes in city and JEA leadership, coupled with increased citizen awareness and advocacy, make this the time for Jacksonville to commit to operating on 100% renewable energy before 2050.

The Sierra Club of Northeast Florida (SCNEF) is leading the Renew Jacksonville Campaign to get the City of Jacksonville (COJ) to transition to 100% renewable energy before 2050. It is a two-pronged campaign focusing on JEA and the COJ. More specifically, the purpose of the campaign is to:

  • Persuade the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) to modernize its energy generation portfolio through conversion to renewable energy sources.
  • Persuade the City of Jacksonville (COJ) to make an administrative commitment to reducing its contribution to global warming through use of renewable energy.
  • Introduce Jacksonville as a forward-thinking city committed to betterment of global and population wellness.

Though the SCNEF is leading this campaign, it is supported by the organizations and/or entities listed below. Please visit the Contact Us page of this site to request more information and/or to assist the campaign.

Our campaign is supported by these local organizations: