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Renew Jacksonville Campaign

Increasing awareness about climate change and its impact on the city is essential to the success of the Renew Jacksonville Campaign. Thus, RenewJax is an education and awareness campaign augmented by strategic advocacy efforts. The campaign has made substantial progress toward its goals, but has a long way to go. As the campaign enters a new phase, it needs your assistance. Please consider assisting the campaign by making a financial contribution. We will make every effort to be responsible and accountable in the use of your contribution.

Photo courtesy of NREL

Photo courtesy of NREL

Donate Now

The Renew Jacksonville Campaign welcomes donations from individuals, foundations, and corporations to help us achieve our vision for Jacksonville. Your donation will help us create awareness about RenewJax and what it seeks to achieve. It will also allow us to harness the power of traditional and new communications platforms to increase our effectiveness and impact. Thanks for any support you can provide!

Donate by Check

Please make checks payable to the Sierra Club of Northeast Florida and send it to the address below. You will receive prompt acknowledgment of your gift.

Sierra Club of Northeast Florida
P.O. Box 50261
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240

The specific amount of your donation will be kept confidential and will not be shared without your express written confirmation, noting that the Sierra Club reserves the right to publish the names of its donors, unless you expressly indicate otherwise.

The Sierra Club is a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation, so donations will not be tax-deductible.

Photo courtesy of NREL