Clean Energy Will Be Key to a Robust Climate and Public Health Plan.

Sierra magazine article Clean Energy Will Be Key to a Robust Climate and Public Health Plan by Jonathan Hahn explores the Trump EPA’s proposed Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule they hoped would replace and roll-back the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, the nation’s first-ever plan for drawing down greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s power industry.  The ACE rule would have actually increased carbon pollution, consumer costs, and made air quality worse.  Fortunately last year the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit tossed out the ACE rule.  Carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels to generate electricity accounts for a third of the nation’s total greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing air pollution from the nation’s power sector is critical for a climate action plan, and it will also save lives.  Please read the full article to learn more about the importance of reducing carbon pollution and the toxic fine particulate matter that comes from coal-fired power plants.


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